Do you know? who are “Teen Wolf” and “Wolf Pack”?

The premiere of “Teen Wolf: The Movie” and “Wolf Pack” on Paramount+ has sparked confusion among audiences. Both shows are produced by the same person and are set to air on the same streaming service, but they are not spin-offs of each other. “Teen Wolf: The Movie” is a continuation of the popular MTV series that concluded in 2017, while “Wolf Pack” is an adaptation of a book series.

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"Teen Wolf: The Movie
“Teen Wolf: The Movie

“Teen Wolf: The Movie”

When “Teen Wolf: The Movie” was announced, fans of the beloved MTV series were excited to see the return of familiar characters such as Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, and Tyler Hoechlin. However, upon its release on Paramount+, it quickly became clear that the expansive format of the movie had not appreciably improved the production values. Director Russell Mulcahy and producer Jeff Davis attempted to revisit the show’s mythology, but the movie ultimately falls flat.

“Teen Wolf: The Movie”: A Nostalgic Return to the Show’s Mythology

The “Teen Wolf” series was a hit on MTV, running for six seasons and introducing audiences to a world filled with supernatural creatures like werewolves, banshees, hellhounds and shapeshifters. The show was known for its soap-opera-flavored plotlines, and it was a fan-favorite among audiences. “Teen Wolf: The Movie” brings back most of the characters from the series, including the now-adult Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed and Tyler Hoechlin.

In an interview with SFX magazine, Davis described the movie as a continuation of the show, picking up where the series left off, and at well over two hours, it feels like a true extension of the beloved series. The movie of teen wolf delves back into the show’s mythology, including the fate of Allison (Reed), whose character died earlier in the series. “Despite the movie’s grand scale, the production values have not been elevated, relying heavily on stylized slow-motion shots and excessive use of glowing yellow eyes, dulling the impact of the action. Fans of the show who are eagerly awaiting a follow-up will likely find satisfaction in the nostalgic return of “Fangs for the memories,” as the beloved characters come together once again to confront a mysterious and intriguing new threat.”

“Wolf Pack”: A New Take on Teen Supernatural Dramas, But Struggles to Stand Out

“Wolf Pack” is a new take on the teen supernatural drama genre. The show is based on a book series and is set in California, where a raging wildfire snarls traffic, cutting off motorists that include a bus full of high-school students. Amidst the chaos, a dangerous creature emerged from the smoke, claiming the lives of some of those trapped in the disaster and leaving two of the teens with bite wounds.

wolf pack

Everett (Armani Jackson) and Blake (Bella Shepard), two teens, start to experience unexpected changes as a result of their encounter including increased energy levels, physical enhancements, and even a cure for their acne. “However, they struggle to understand the changes happening to them, and soon find themselves caught up in the journey of a pair of siblings (Chloe Rose Robertson, Tyler Lawrence Gray) who have been hearing the same call of the wild and possess a deeper understanding of its implications than Everett and Blake do.”

The show features Sarah Michelle Gellar in a supporting role, known for her expertise in supernatural teen dramas, bringing attention to the show and appealing to fans of her previous series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Gellar, who also serves as an executive producer, plays an arson investigator investigating the cause of the fire and believes that Everett may have more information about the responsible party or entity.


Overall, while both “Teen Wolf: The Movie” and “Wolf Pack” have the potential to appeal to fans of the supernatural genre, they ultimately fall short in execution. While “Teen Wolf: The Movie” relies too heavily on stylized slow motion and nostalgia, “Wolf Pack” struggles to establish its own identity.

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