Hbo’s The Last of Us, A post-apocalyptic drama television series – Episode 3 Review

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HBO’s The Last of Us 2023 series, a popular video game adaptation, has been making waves with its intense storyline and shocking endings. After the end of the second episode, fans are eager to explore the next chapter of the story.

HBO's the last of .us
HBO The Last of Us

Joel and Ellie on the Road

HBO The Last of Us
HBO The Last of Us

After losing Tess to the infected, Joel and Ellie continue their journey to reach the Firefly oasis and find a cure. They are 10 miles west of Boston, and tensions are high between the duo. At an abandoned convenience store, Ellie finds an infected person who is still alive but crushed under heavy concrete. The duo then comes across a mass grave of people who were executed by the army because they either had a chance of being infected or the quarantine zone was full.

Encounter with Bill and Frank

HBO The Last of Us
HBO The Last of Us HBO The Last of Us

The episode then flashes back to 2003, where we meet Bill, a survivalist played by Nick Offerman. He lives in a secluded fortress town and has been living there for nearly four years, completely infection-free. After testing Frank, who stumbled into one of his traps, Bill lets him in and the two of them live together for another three years before Frank starts to feel the isolation.

Love During the Apocalypse

Bill and Frank grow old together in their little town and share a beautiful bond. Despite the apocalypse, they find love in each other’s company. Frank falls ill, and the couple plans to end their lives together peacefully. They consume a lethal dose of sleeping medication and fall into a final slumber.

HBO The Last of Us
HBO The Last of Us

The third episode of HBO’s The Last of Us is filled with emotions and showcases the bond between two people during the apocalypse. The love story between Bill and Frank will make viewers cry and remind them that love can be found even in the darkest times. The episode sets the stage for Joel and Ellie’s journey and what they can expect on their journey to reach the Firefly oasis.

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